About Judy Griffin

Judy Griffin is a corporate communications trainer and founder of Write Angles, based in Research Triangle Park, NC.

She provides business written and verbal training that helps professionals communicate clearly, confidently and effectively to strengthen relationships with colleagues, business partners, and customers.

Judy delivers training to groups as well as individual coaching to professionals at all levels, working with diverse industries, including higher education, health care, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, biotechnology, television/media, energy, information services, engineering and telecommunications.

She has designed numerous courses to meet both off-the-shelf and customized client needs, including a dozen courses that address both verbal and written communications topics.

Judy has extensive experience teaching communications skills to organizations of all sizes, including:

  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • WakeMed
  • Rex Healthcare
  • Cisco
  • Duke University
  • North Carolina State University School of Management
  • The American Kennel Club
  • the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Duke Energy
  • Capitol Broadcasting Company
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC
  • and many others

Prior to founding Write Angles, Judy was an English department faculty member at both Virginia Tech and North Carolina State universities. Since then, she has delivered business writing classes to graduate students in the North Carolina State University Jenkins Graduate School of Management.

Judy is the author of Write It Right: Communicate with Confidence as well as communication articles in various trade and business publications.