Training Programs

Ensure your ongoing professional success by developing the essential communication skills that boost your confidence, credibility, and reputation in the workplace. You’ll save time and gain productivity by learning and implementing clear communication strategies for every on-site and remote situation.

Business Writing Skills

Email Madness: 90-minutes

Do you ever feel frustrated by email you write and send that never gets answered? In this fast-paced class, you will acquire the tools to get your email noticed, opened, read, and most importantly, acted upon.

  • Craft specific subject lines with a directional tag to capture reader attention.
  • Bottom-line your emails to ensure readers don’t miss your message.
  • Enhance your email’s readability to save reader’s time.
  • Mind your email etiquette to maintain a professional tone.

Write It Right: 3 hours

Master the fundamentals of business writing and you will become a more confident and successful communicator.

  • Write with the reader’s needs in mind to minimize misunderstandings and miscommunication.
  • Bottom-line each document to conduct business quickly.
  • Establish and maintain a professional tone to capture the reader’s interest and confidence.
  • Write relevant emails and follow etiquette protocol to ensure reader engagement, comprehension, and response.
  • Write concisely and precisely to avoid confusion and to increase reader comprehension.
  • Data-map your documents to help readers quickly find pertinent information.
  • Proofread carefully to safeguard your reputation.

Language SIMPLIFICATION – How to Simplify Your Written and Verbal Communications: 3 hours

How could you benefit by simplifying and increasing the readability of documents you send to colleagues and customers? Would you be able to spend less time on the phone answering follow-up questions or responding to their email? Master the techniques to write in simple, plain language, using words that clearly convey your message the first time and move your readers to action.

  • Keep it simple: tell readers what they need and want to know. And nothing more.
  • Avoid information overload.
  • Bottom-line your message to capture your reader’s attention.
  • Use ordinary words and language to ensure readers can easily understand your message.
  • Write clearer, shorter, well-structured sentences that make sense.
  • Understand when to use the active voice over the passive and why it matters.
  • Use easy-to-scan headlines to guide readers through your message quickly and effectively.
  • Ensure your documents are highly readable using the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Tool in MS Word.

Write Effective Technical Documents: 6 hours

Do you ever feel like your audience doesn’t understand your technical message? In this class you will acquire the skills to write clear, concise, and professional reports, proposals, instructions, IPWs, evaluations, and presentations to both technical and non-technical audiences.

  • Develop a technical profile to ensure a roadmap for success.
  • Write with the reader’s needs in mind to minimize misunderstandings and miscommunication.
  • Overcome writer’s block using the Document Mapping tool to jump-start documents and eliminate the need for multiple rewrites.
  • Bottom-line the document’s purpose and organize thoughts to conduct business more quickly.
  • Establish a professional tone to maintain reader confidence.
  • Enhance document readability—via the Data Mapping technique—to help readers quickly find relevant information.
  • Revise, edit, and proofread documents carefully to maintain your company’s image.
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    "Very engaging and informative. Strongly believe I will see results based on applying these methods. I will implement subject lines, data mapping, and bottom lining to get more frequent responses and collaboration."

    Jamie Lam
    Jamie Lam Associate Project Manager | Allscripts

Leadership Skills

Learn the Language of Leaders (How to Manage Up): 3 hours

You will develop skills to communicate with power and confidence to manage your brand and be perceived as a rising leader in the organization. Become more indispensable and visible in the organization by learning the skills of “managing up” to communicate appropriately to your boss and others in leadership positions.

  • Master the critical 30-second verbal kick-off to every meeting or presentation to excel as a leader.
  • Ask the right questions and answers questions correctly to be more effective.
  • Assume personal accountability, an essential and in-demand skill in business today.
  • Deliver bad news with diplomacy and empathy.
  • Manage your body language—also called the silent language—to ensure you’re sending the right message.
  • Ensure your body language and your words convey the intended message.
  • Develop the skills necessary to hold crucial conversations.
  • Develop and showcase your leadership presence.
  • Cultivate lasting interpersonal communication skills.

Speak to Be Heard – 10 Phone Tips to Communicate Effectively: 90-minutes

Get the skills you need to leverage your voice and improve your customer service skills. Communicate more effectively with customers and clients on the telephone.

  • Improve voice and vocal quality to connect with your customers.
  • Avoid slanguage and regional dialect to ensure listener comprehension.
  • Follow phone protocol and feel confident in every conversation.
  • Keep your listener on track to manage the effectiveness of the conversation.
  • Improve listener comprehension to reduce time.

Communicate It Right – Create a Positive Perception: 3 hours

Do you ever worry if others’ perception of you isn’t positive, especially when you’re under stress? How would you benefit if you were viewed as a highly credible member of your team and the organization? You will acquire the skills you need to ensure your written and verbal communications create a positive perception of you, your team, and your manager.

  • Build trust with others to overturn a negative perception.
  • Know what to say and how to say it when talking with others.
  • Understand how to give tactful and effective feedback.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence to connect and empathize with others.

ACE Verbal Communication – Eight Tips for Success: 3 hours

Never be without the skills you need to communicate with confidence and poise in meetings to safeguard your brand. How would you feel if you had the ability to think on your feet, control your emotions under stress, and manage difficult people, even those in senior positions?

  • Anticipate meeting challenges.
  • Master the critical 30-second verbal kick-off to every meeting or presentation.
  • Engage in effective dialogue that keeps the conversation productive and moving.
  • Avoid a negative tone even while under stress.

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence to Improve Communication: 3 hours

To succeed in business today, you need more than the skills and intelligence to do your job. You must also possess a high degree of emotional intelligence to effectively work with and relate to others. Increase your emotional intelligence by learning how to be aware of, control, and express emotions, manage body language, and handle interpersonal relationships with good judgment and empathy.

  • Give and receive feedback effectively.
  • Improve your personal brand through all communications.
  • Manage crucial conversations when you and another disagree, emotions run strong, and stakes are high.
  • Be more positive, a current in-demand commodity and predictor of workplace success.
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    "We have had the pleasure of working with Judy Griffin in the NC State MBA Program for over six years. Her classroom style is collegial and very appropriate for adult learners. Judy has researched what today's business leaders must know to communicate effectively and get results. I wholeheartedly recommend hiring Judy to learn how to present your organization in the most professional light possible."

    Linda Taylor North Carolina State University

Grammar Skills

Grammar from A to Z: 90 minutes

Do you ever scramble for the correct word? Do you still grapple with when to use bullets versus numbers? In this class, you will conquer the most common grammar mistakes in business today from A to Z, making you more confident in all your communications.

Avoid the 26 most common grammatical mistakes—from A to Z—that hamper communication and ultimately hurt your credibility.

  • A is for abbreviation: Do you know the difference between et al., etc., e.g., i.e.?
  • B is for bullet: When and how do you use bullets correctly and effectively?
  • C is for comma: Do you ever feel like you randomly—and without confidence—sprinkle and scatter commas throughout your document? Do you always put a comma after every “and,” or is there a method to the madness?

Grammar for Professionals: 3 hours

When do you use who or whom? How do you use a comma? What is the difference between affect and effect? Does grammar confuse and intimidate you? Do you ever feel frustrated or embarrassed about not knowing the rules of grammar? Master the most common grammar errors prevalent in business today and be more confident that all your communications are correct.

  • Review the top 33 confusing word pairs.
  • Master pesky pronoun usage – when to use who versus whom, he versus him.
  • Learn the rules of punctuation.
  • Review verb tenses.
  • Use active and passive voice correctly.
  • Write better structured sentences.
  • Avoid sentence errors: Fragments, run-ons, and spliced.

Grammar for Professionals 2.0: 3 hours

Designed as a follow-on to Grammar for Professionals, this class will provide you with a deeper dive into the topics presented in the original class. You will also review additional grammar rules that will bolster your confidence in writing daily communications.

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    "Finally, professional training that gives real world useful information!"

    Monica LaLiberte
    Monica LaLiberte Capitol Broadcasting Company

Presentation Skills

Presenting for Impact: 6 hours

Does presenting in front of others make you nervous? You’re not alone. Public speaking is the number one fear of business people. Learn how to plan, design, and deliver effective presentations (both PowerPoint driven and stand-alone) to be more confident and calm in your next presentation.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your content, format, slide design (if PowerPoint is the medium), and overall delivery.
  • Engage the audience, including the virtual attendees.
  • Own the room with confidence and poise.
  • Manage challenging personality types and group dynamics to keep your presentation on track.
  • Align your message with the audience’s business objective.
  • Ensure audience comprehension, drive discussion, and establish next steps.

Advanced Presentation Skills: 3 hours

Hone your presentation skills in a small group setting and receive immediate feedback from the group.

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    "Enjoyed the interactive aspect of the class. I now have many ideas and information to apply to my presentations and share with others."

    Ginger Caporal
    Ginger Caporal Market Research Specialist, Duke Energy Progress

Sales Communication Skills

Mastering the Close – Ten Strategies for Business DEVELOPMENT: 6 hours

Gain the confidence and master the skills to acquire new customers for your organization and manage the business relationship with them. Develop a plan for each prospect and customer to proactively—rather than reactively—stay in contact and communicate the right message at every stage of the sales cycle. Eliminate pitfalls that trip up even the most seasoned sales people to maintain your confidence and image during a meeting or presentation.

  • Identify your ideal client and prospect for new business.
  • Align and communicate your organization’s business value to prospects and customers.
  • Differentiate your organization from its competition.
  • Develop a communications plan to maintain contact with customers and customers to advance the sale with prospects.
  • Prospect for future success: How to make prospecting and follow-up a habit.
  • Master the critical 30-second verbal kick-off to every meeting or presentation.
  • Review three strategies that will help you own the room, put prospects and customers at ease, and gain their trust.
  • Assume personal accountability, an essential and in-demand sales skill in business today.
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    "I really enjoyed the POWERPOINT session on Wednesday! Great material and wonderful delivery. My sales staff is better prepared to sell than they were on Monday!!"

    Greg Hurt
    Greg Hurt Vice President Sales & Marketing, Microspace Communications Corporation

Facilitation Skills

Facilitate and Manage Virtual / Face-to-Face Meetings: 90-minutes

Ensure your meetings run smoothly and productively. This class will help you lead efficient and engaging face-to-face or virtual meetings with colleagues, business partners, and customers.

Take away tips to manage challenging attendee types who can derail the meeting. Discover ways to encourage attendees to contribute to the discussion. Learn techniques to keep the group focused and on track.

  • Anticipate meeting challenges.
  • Facilitate respect among meeting participants.
  • Plan and kick off the meeting effectively.
  • Create dialogue and get buy-in.
  • Ask questions that ensure others feel part of solution.
  • Own the room: Manage challenging personality styles that can derail the meeting.
  • Learn techniques to engage virtual meeting participants.
  • Keep the group focused and on track.
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    "You have a great communication style, easy to listen to and comprehend. Enjoyed every bit of it!"

    Carol Ann Asiala Seminar Planner, NC Association of CPAs


Any of the above programs can be delivered in a 45-minute presentation format with Q&A to follow.

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