Communications Consulting

Would you like to elevate the professionalism and trust you and your team project within your organization?

How might you, as the leader, benefit from having another set of eyes review and assess important and highly visible internal and external documents your team writes? Would you feel more confident having an expert advise you on how best to resolve your team’s interpersonal communication challenges?

Consult with Judy to resolve your team’s communication issues or to increase your confidence that critical team communication hits the mark. Here’s how I can help you and your team:

Improve your internal and external written communications.
  • Craft well-written emails to both colleagues and customers.
  • Develop more powerful sales collateral and web content.
  • Write effective letters and other formal documents that you send to the public.
  • Simplify language and eliminate jargon to ensure your audience understands the message.
Enhance your team’s perception within the organization.
  • Manage tone, both verbal and written
  • Deliver unwelcome or difficult news with skill and diplomacy
  • Become more collaborative
Review and assess key internal documents specific to your department.
  • Form letters to ensure consistency and impact
  • Performance reviews to capture critical employee assessments
  • Presentations to ensure your team represents your department well
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Job descriptions
  • Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Company website articles
Advise you on how to deal with team communication challenges to include verbal, non-verbal, and written.
  • Avoid negative body language
  • Increase commaraderie

This program provides value to the organization in several ways:

  • Offers an objective and expert viewpoint.
  • Encourages fresh ideas and an experienced perspective.
  • Guides with writing, organizing, and packaging communication to deliver the most effective product .
  • Helps you achieve documentation standards that meet internal and external reporting demands.

Call to collaborate with me and leverage my expertise!