Communications Coaching

Do you lack the skills to effectively and confidently communicate with customers, colleagues, and senior leaders?

Where would your career take you if you honed these skills?
Would you like to be perceived as a rising leader in your organization?

Judy can help you develop and polish your skills through a comprehensive coaching program customized to meet your specific needs and challenges—both written and verbal.

From presentations to key documents to company-wide email, coaching will help you communicate with more confidence, power, and ease, which is especially important when visibility and stakes are high.

How does coaching work?

Get your work done while you develop skills. I will coach you on-site or virtually using your own reports, email, presentations, proposals, letters, and interpersonal communication issues as learning tools. You will understand what skills you need to develop and how you can apply this knowledge to future communications. Each session is confidential.

What’s included with the coaching program?

We will assess your communication strengths and needs and develop a plan for success. You can then schedule a weekly coaching session (up to 90 minutes) with me until your skills improve and you reach your desired business goals.

The sessions are supported by phone and email, as needed, to answer questions, monitor retention, and follow up on your progress.

How will you benefit long term?
  1. Communicate more effectively at all levels.
  2. Improve key documents’ content, style, and grammar.
  3. Enhance your confidence, image, and leadership.
  4. Increase productivity and reduce re-work time.
  5. Close performance gaps to ensure success.
  6. Increase respect and trust among colleagues.
  7. Enhance meeting facilitation and presentation skills to ensure more effective, higher-impact meetings.
  8. Avoid embarrassing or litigious communication blunders to safeguard your image and bottom line.

Coaching Packages

For Individuals

I work personally with individuals (in-person or virtually) to help them achieve the following goals:

  • Performance Boost (to be successful in current job)
  • Groom for promotions

For Teams

I work personally with teams and groups (in-person or virtually) to help them achieve the following goals:

  • Special projects (where communication is a large part of team success)
  • Follow-on to training (to reinforce skills and increase retention)

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